RTX 4090 with 5 slots could be a reality

Can we get to see a 5-slot RTX 4090? We must not completely rule out the possibility, given what they tell us from the Chinese medium MyDrivers. Let’s see all the details.

Could a 5-slot NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 be possible?

According to MyDrivers, there are manufacturers testing versions non public of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 that start from the 3 slots, but that even they reach 5 PCIe slots. That is, a GPU of a simply monstrous height and with an aluminum heatsink absolutely gigantic.

This is already a surprise even compared to Lenovo’s GPU, which is around 4 slots. Adding one more slot is, plain and simple, a monstrosity which will take up a gigantic portion of the box. All this without taking into account the increasing lengths that we have come to see.

All of this, of course, is a clear indicative of the great energy consumption and cooling needs that such a beast may need, especially if we want to “raise it in turns” by increasing its power limit.

Beware of such GPU monsters!

Keep in mind the obvious fact that these graphics cards have dimensions and weight the less worryingespecially if we are thinking about structural stability once assembled.

For example, the Chinese blogger Wei Wei demonstrated an ASUS ROG Strix RTX 4090, 3.5 slots, on a itx motherboard, where he then picks up the plate with his hands. Guess what happens: yes, the graphics card goes down.

RTX 4090 3 4 5 slots falling out

This is a way for us to see how the new GPUs could become a problem, or rather how at least we should be careful against these 3 or 3.5 slot monsters. Imagine if a 5-slot RTX 4090 comes out! It would be sheer madness.

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Be very careful, because we must not completely rule out the possibility that such a graphics card reaches the market for make the most of the power limit 4090. This TGP limit it can be configured and it could go beyond 600W, when it defaults to 450W on the Founders Edition GPU.

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