Rumor: Sony would be planning another Karate Kid movie

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Although in these minutes the franchise of karate Kid still alive hand in hand cobra kai, the sequel series broadcast by Netflix that will present its fifth season next September; a new rumor says that Sony would be planning another film framed in that franchise.

Apparently this film would be neither a sequel to the installments starring Ralph Macchio nor a continuation of the criticized 2009 remake led by Jaden Smith, but would instead focus on a new character and a new story.

In that sense Murphy’s Multiverse, the portal that revealed this rumor, says that Sony would be looking for a 17-year-old Chinese actor to star in this film. The interpreter should be able to speak Mandarin and English fluently and would be tasked with interpreting Lithe protagonist who is described as a young man small for his age but “intelligent and rudimentary”.

Li’s story in this supposed new movie from karate Kid It would begin when the student who originally lived in Beijing must move with his mother to the Brooklyn sector in New York, United States.

Murphy’s Multiverse explains that in the tape “Li is struggling with a past tragedy, which drives a wedge between him and his doctor mother, who has managed to handle the same tragedy in her own way.”

“After Li meets Mia, a student from his high school, and her father, Victor, at a local pizzeria, he soon discovers that his life has changed once again, for the better. Li soon finds himself training Victor in the art of Kung Fu, despite his mother’s stance against violence and fighting, eventually returning to the ring himself.” the description says.

This rumored new movie from karate Kid It is not yet officialized and it does not have a director either, but rob lieber (peter rabbit) would be working on his script.

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