Russia denies US accusations of mining Ukraine’s territories

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“Washington baselessly holds us responsible for mining Ukraine. In Russophobic fervor, Americans have outdone themselves by comparing the actions of the Russian Armed Forces to the tactics of the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria,” the diplomat said on Telegram.

Antonov specified that Moscow was accused, among other things, of blocking access to farmland, “an insinuation that we strongly reject,” the ambassador emphasized.

In this regard, he argued that the international community should see the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities, whom he urged to account for the atrocities committed against their own people.

“It is time to show the world with sincerity the crimes of the kyiv regime, asking it to account for the atrocities, mainly against its own population,” stressed the diplomat.

He recalled that during the negotiations on the export of grain, the world was convinced that the Ukrainians mined the coastal waters of the Black Sea to prevent the departure of ships with food.

Antonov added that this practice extends to numerous social and infrastructure facilities, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces set up explosive devices in schools and kindergartens, literally filling forests and fields with mines in various directions, he said.

“Such actions speak eloquently about the attitude of the regime of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky towards the population of those lands that kyiv would like to call their own,” he added.

The head of the diplomatic mission in Washington said that all this evidence shows that the real situation is exactly the opposite of what the US State Department has outlined. “However, this does not stop the organizers of the disinformation campaign against Russia,” he stressed.

Antonov also commented that the Washington authorities intend to allocate 89 million dollars to kyiv for the training of sappers to clear the territory and neutralize the alleged improvised and unexploded explosive devices.



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