Sacred Family. Trailer of the new Manolo Caro

On Netflix October 14

Netflix today unveiled the official trailer and new images of ‘Sagrada Familia’, the new fiction created by Manolo Caro (‘The house of flowers’, ‘Someone has to die’) and produced by Night Night Cinema which premieres worldwide next October 14th.

The cast is led by Najwa Nimri (‘The paper house’, ‘Vis a Vis’, ‘The tree of blood’), Carla Campra (‘Fair: The darkest light’, ‘Ladies of (h)Ampa’), Ivan Pellicer (‘Criminal Book Club’, ‘Paradise’), dawn flowers (‘The paper house’, ‘Vis a Vis’, ‘Lost fagot’), Ella Kweku (‘Now and then’, ‘The warrior nun’), Alex Garcia (‘Riot Police’, ‘The Bride’), Macarena Gomez (’30 coins’, ‘The one that is coming’) and Alvaro Rico (‘Elite’, ‘Alba’) among others.

In ‘Sagrada Familia’ we will see how the move of a new family breaks the stability of Fuente del Berro, where Gloria lives with her baby and Aitana, her au-pair, hiding from a mysterious and dark past. The move of this new family to Fuente del Berro will break the stability of a neighborhood where nothing is what it seems, in which four neighbors will forge a very strong friendship, each with different experiences but with a common denominator, they are mothers. Their relationship seems perfect, until Gloria’s past changes everything. It is then that we will discover what a mother is capable of to protect her family, the most sacred thing she has.

sacred Family

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