“Sainz and Leclerc are capable of winning the World Cup”

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The 2022 season is being convulsive for Ferrari. ANDhe F1-75 is a winning car, but various setbacks have meant that the Italians are far removed from both Max Verstappen and Red Bull. The Dutchman leads Charles Leclerc by 80 points and the Austrian team almost takes a hundred points from those from Maranello.

Cesare Fioro, former sports director of the Maranello team between 1989 and 1991, believes that the team’s duo is not the problem: “Ferrari has two great drivers. It’s not their fault”. He even believes that they are candidates for everything: “For me they are among the top five. Charles is incredibly fast in qualifying and Carlos is fabulous in the race. Sainz and Leclerc are capable of winning the World Cup”.

The problem for Fioro is not inside the car but it is not in the wall either: “You have to recognize that Mattia Binotto has turned Ferrari into a team that can win every race. He was a great engineer, both as an engine specialist and technical director.” Despite the praise for Binotto, he claims that the Italian team boss must find the source of the problem: “Obviously something is wrong at Ferrari. There are mistakes. You have to get to the bottom of it.”

Fioro compares it to the last golden age of ‘Il Cavallino Rampante’: “Currently, almost everything has to work perfectly to win. In the years of Todt and Schumacher, Ferrari had a car so superior that a mistake could be hidden. That can’t even happen now.”

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