Salesforce and WhatsApp seal an alliance in Dreamforce

Salesforce has announced an agreement with WhatsApp so that the software company’s customers can connect with their customers through the Meta affiliate.

Dreamforce, the massive event of the American CRM giant Salesforce, is being prodigal in newssome news which are, after all, one of the great hooks of this meeting in San Francisco.

Within the framework of Dreamforce Salesforce has announced an agreement with WhatsApp so that the software company’s clients can establish contact with their clients through the famous Meta instant messaging platform.

The alliance forged between one party and the other will make the WhatsApp Cloud API accessible to Salesforce customers around the world. In this way, companies will be able to offer new experiences directly in WhatsApp and manage them easily through the Salesforce Customer 360 platform.

This integration will result in orphan interactions between companies and customers in the field of marketing, commerce and services.

Companies will also be able to rely on Geniethe new real-time data platform from Salesforce, to contact your customers via WhatsApp immediately after they do, for example, click on an ad on Facebook or Instagram.

As part of the pilot project to integrate WhatsApp into Salesforce, the brands of the Parisian cosmetics giant L’OrĂ©al used the Meta messaging app to contact those customers who had previously left items in the shopping cart and entertain them with discount coupons directly from a chat.

Companies will have greater control over data thanks to a new Salesforce service

in dremforce Salesforce has also announced a new collaboration with trusted technology partners to offer external data encryption management services

The goal is to help companies meet their business objectives while complying with regulatory requirements.

Leaning on the new Salesforce service, companies will be able to choose the data encryption provider of their choice and integrate it into SaaS/PaaS/IaaS services for greater control over data across all cloud computing services.

Among the technology partners that are part of this new Salesforce service are AWS, Atos, Entrust, HashiCorp, Thales or T-Systems.

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