Sam Smith shocks the networks with his new song, ‘Unholy’, with Kim Petras

After a few years of musical drought, Sam Smith wanted return with everything in his latest song, whose content has generated many comments on social networks. The singer has been characterized by a career full of romantic baladsand this new launch supposes a 180ยบ turn with what used to be expected of him in his brightest years. ‘Unholy’ tells, from the perspective of a child, infidelity committed by a father to a mother, visiting hostess clubs on a recurring basis. This idea for a song had never come to fruition; Or not, at least not so explicitly. That is why so many people have been surprised to hear it.

In just a few hours, the song, which does not have a video clip, has accumulated a remarkable number of listens. The singer has spent several weeks releasing spoilers for the song, so many people they had been pending for a while When would this controversial work come out? The risky bet that Sam Smith has made seems to have been worth itsince in networks there has been much talk about both the song and its author.

Kim Petras is in charge of providing the point of view of the prostitute with whom the father of the family sleeps Sam Smith is talking about, thus adding an extra touch of scandal to a song that, in itself, has a great capacity for generate polarized opinions. There have been many who have expressed that they are enjoying the song to the fullest, but there is no doubt that there are many others who find the message too convoluted enough to include it in your regular playlist. Be that as it may, at least it is clear that Sam Smith is receiving the attention you were looking for (and needed), So goal accomplished!

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