Samsung aims to be the first with WiFi 7

Every year mobiles add new technologies, but one of those that will arrive in 2024 is especially interesting. The new Wi-Fi 7 standard (802.11be)which promises a great leap in speed and improved bandwidth, will be available within two generations of mobile phones.

And the first manufacturer to add this new connectivity will be Samsung, according to reports DigiTimes. It will not do it with the future Galaxy S23, but with the Galaxy S24. Once again, Samsung will be the manufacturer that anticipates incorporating the latest WiFi technology in its devices.

Taking advantage of the 6 GHz band to reach up to 36 Gbps

WiFi 7 will be a major evolution. While WiFi 6E It is considered a minor update, with WiFi 7 the 6 GHz band comes into action, already approved in Spain and which will complement the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands for reach speeds of up to 36 Gbps.

To get an idea, the speed that WiFi 7 promises is double that of current WiFi 6. This will allow our mobiles to take much better advantage of WiFi.

2024 promises to be the year of the great landing of WiFi 7. Intel explained a month ago which is already working to have its WiFi 7 chips ready. This indicates that laptops and modems will have this connectivity, but these new modems will also be implemented in smartphones.

Officially WiFi 7 will be ready in May 2024, with the second quarter of 2024 being the date chosen by Samsung to land its future flagship mobile compatible with WiFi 7. Although, only the highest-end mobiles will have access to this technology. Something similar to what already happened a couple of years ago with 5G connectivity.

In addition to Intel, also MediaTek and Qualcomm have shown their chips compatible with WiFi 7. This is the case, for example, of Fast Connect 7800, announced this year during the Mobile World Congress. Its production is already ready, but according to DigiTimes it would not be the Galaxy S23 to add it, but we will have to wait another year for this promising technology.

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