Samsung already has four generations of folding phones and Apple still has no trace of one. There are reasons to support this strategy

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this week has been Samsung’s big week. The South Korean company has presented its Galaxy ZFold 4 and his Galaxy ZFlip 4, which make up the new range of folding mobiles. And we should no longer talk about experimental devices: these are a fourth generation of mobiles that already enjoy a certain improvement.

Meanwhile, at Apple we still have no trace of a folding mobile. yes there is vague rumors of a distant future with foldable screens in tablets, but even what little we know of the iPhone 15 they keep talking about a completely fixed screen. dois that a bad sign? Well, no, or at least not entirely.

Age does not matter if there is still a way to go

Apple continues to believe that folding phones have several issues to resolve, starting with their screen technology. my partner Richard recently commented on twitter how in Wallapop there were many of these mobiles for sale with some defects in the folded screen cover, which indicates rapid deterioration.

This causes the value of these mobiles to drop rapidly: in the same Ricardo tweet we can see a Galaxy ZFold 3 last year for 600 euros when its initial sale price was 1,809 euros. In other words, its value on the used market is going down very fast.

The price of the folding ones goes down little by little, but they are still niche terminals

And speaking of the original selling price, it continues to drop from prohibitive to simply very expensive. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be sold for 1,799 euros, 10 euros less than its predecessor but a lot less money if we take into account inflation very high compared to 2021. Yes, it is true that more and more folding are being soldbut in relative terms it is still a niche with respect to the entire mobile industry.

And finally we have the software dilemma. It must be adapted to the large screen that we can display on devices such as the Z Fold 4, which has now included a lower taskbar as if we were using a computer. If Samsung already takes these details into account, imagine Apple and its extreme care to adapt the interface to each of its devices. iOS would have to have a special version, or even a different iOS-based system would have to be released just for that foldable. It is a huge amount of work.

It is not that Apple has risen to the laurels: it is that in Cupertino they will consider launching a folding when its technology and fusion between hardware and software convinces. It is very good news that Samsung has already had four generations of folding because that means that the technology is improving, but from Cupertino they believe that it is not enough yet.

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