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The brand will also inaugurate the “Smart City”, an island that will connect new Samsung initiatives within the Fortnite game

Samsung Electronics announced during Galaxy Unpacked its island in the Fortnite game, which will be released on August 18. Called Smart City, this location in the Metaverse is the company’s first initiative to cover all of Latin America. The launch is part of actions celebrating the arrival of the company’s foldable devices – the Samsung Galaxy Fold4 and Samsung Galaxy Flip4.

With the Smart City island within Fortnite, Samsung expands its domains within the Metaverse, giving gamers the opportunity to experience and interact with Samsung products in a whole new way.

“It’s not just about having fun, but above all about exploring and building relationships. Today we understand that the Metaverse is real, dynamic and life is developing within these platforms. There are no longer any barriers between what is physical and what is online”, says Arthur Wong, Samsung Marketing Director for Latin America.

The Fortnite experience reinforces Samsung’s connection with Generation Z by promoting a place where it will be possible to create, enjoy and live in a multi-digital themed environment for the consumer. “We will continue to present content and innovations that can offer connected, increasingly immersive and complete experiences to our consumers”, reinforces the executive.

Smart City will become a continuous stage for Z Series Fun Game Quest, an interactive game in the format of “hide and seek” (hide and seek) in the traditional style of Fortnite, where the player must find the new hidden Samsung Galaxy Fold4 smartphone and keep it in your possession until the end of the round.

The Galaxy Fold4 will grant special powers to the player who owns it, always relating the characteristics of the product to actions within the game. For example, Nightography [modo de fotografía nocturna de los teléfonos Galaxy] will give the player the ability to have enhanced night vision.

The entire Samsung Smart City island in Fortnite is made up of elements that reference other Samsung products: buildings shaped like the Galaxy Fold4, bridges inspired by the Galaxy Flip4, towers shaped like the new Galaxy Watch5 smartwatch series. There, the S Pen is represented as a large obelisk and the new portable projector The Freestyle is a giant spotlight.


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