Santiago de Cuba works on the improvement of Trade

The Commerce network in the province takes steps to perfect its units, say, warehouses, butchers, ideal markets, industrial and construction materials, but not gastronomy and technical services, which for several months have been applying this modality in some establishments.

Leonardo Ramos Lameda, director of Sales and Merchandise of the Commerce Business Group in the province, informed Sierra Maestra that: “As far as the branch is concerned, we are 85% away from perfecting all of the Commerce units, anticipating changing its structure and create UBB by popular councils to make their self-management more viable.

“Using this modality, the wineries will not only sell the basket, but will also offer different offers, such as, for example, in some units of the Commerce, backpacks, beer,….. and whatever can be captured so that the consumer does not have to travel to distant places in search of items that you need.

“We are not 100X100 away from what we want, due to the global economic crisis that prevents us from guaranteeing a wide range of products in stores, although we have taken steps in sales methods such as electronic commerce, which allows customers to make their purchases by means of a magnetic card, and in the not too distant future to have extra boxes in those centers”, he said.

He also referred to the study they carry out to provide online service, which will not work in all wineries, for which he added: “This will be put in the markets where there is greater public fluidity, and thus allow you to place the order from your home. to the warehouse, and a courier will be in charge of delivering the merchandise to the applicant, for an added cost according to the distance, and it will be evaluated.

“In the same way, in the industrial stores there are the Commission Agents, which are mostly supplied with imported products and others from the territory, which has allowed guaranteeing the salary of the workers. We are aware that the prices are not what we expect, but they must be below those of the self-employed.

Ramos Lameda commented that the procedures are somewhat eliminated, since these units are going to have an address, a legal personality, and the presidents of the popular councils will be given participation, which will allow them to solve problems with agility and that the customers have a prompt response to a situation, although he clarified that the business structures do not disappear until now and they will be the ones to supervise the work.

He assured that the sector aspires to the completion of the improvement process on December 1 in accordance with the joint work carried out with various agencies and institutions, which includes the Ministry of Commerce, in addition to control bodies such as SEPSA.

This process of reorganization of the Trade seeks to provide a better service to its customers, and that the self-management of the units reverts into a better salary for its workers, among other benefits that will gradually be appreciated by both parties.


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