Scorn shows eight minutes of gameplay

Kepler Interactive has released a new eight-minute trailer for scornwhere more details about this first-person shooter with touches of terror are shown a month after its launch on PC and the new generation of Xbox.

The grotesqueness of Scorn’s artistic style, which can put many back a lot and even attract a few others, takes center stage in this little while of gameplay. Far from seeing the frantic shooting of other trailers, this one focuses more on the puzzles and the depth of their environments. “In this introductory sequence, players become familiar with the character they will guide through the bio-maze,” explains Kepler herself. “Without any help, players will find their way into the bowels of the game world, equipping themselves with strange tools and solving a grotesque puzzle that only hints at what is to come…”

We already knew that the game world will be a hostile and terrifying place that we can explore at will, and whose different areas “will represent a theme that will be integrated into a “cohesive thematic world” that will define the narrative. It is worth noting that Scorn started a Kickstarter campaign that was not initially completed, although on their second attempt they managed to complete their objective thanks to the contribution of a private investor.

Remember that the team in charge of development is EbbSoftwarea studio founded in 2013 that is part of the Kepler Interactive group, and this Prey-inspired title will serve as its debut game as a cover letter.

scorn will be published on October 21, 2022 for Xbox Series X|S Y pcvia Steam, Epic Games Store Y GoG. It will be available from launch day on GamePass.

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