Season 2 of ‘Sandman’ is already being prepared but Netflix still needs to confirm if it wants to renew it or cancel it

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It’s been a few days since Netflix premiered ‘Sandman’. The comic book adaptation of Neil Gaman has garnered very positive reviews and most of its fans are delighted with the result, because for many it is not just one of the the best platform series of the yearbut of its entire history. Now it is known that Allan Heinbergseries showrunner, Season 2 has already started and is actively working on the scripts for the new episodes.

New episodes are written

The problem is that Netflix still hasn’t gotten wet on whether it wants to renew or cancel ‘Sandman’. It is true that in its premiere it became the number 1 series on Netflix last week, but also that did it with somewhat disappointing data. A priori, the most reasonable thing would be to continue with it, but it would not be the first time that the platform hits us a stab in the back.

Nevertheless, those responsible for the series are optimistichence Heinberg has commented in ew that “We’ve had a writers room and I’m working on the scripts now. The Fog Station is something I can’t wait to wear“.

For now, the Netflix series has adapted 2 of the 10 volumes that make up the comic of Gaiman, and that Season of Fogs to which Heinberg alludes, in which Morpheus visits hell again, corresponds to the fourth, so it is to be expected that it will be part of that probable second season.

In addition, Heinberg has also clarified that he is delighted to have the actors signed for many characters so that for Estación de Nieblas it will take a few more that have not yet appeared. Furthermore, it defineslike a party, it’s a very ambitious season“.

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