Sega assured that it does not plan to postpone the launch of Sonic Frontiers

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Although a specific day for the release of the game has not yet been determined, Sega assured that it does not plan to postpone the debut of sonic frontiers which is still planned for this 2022.

In a recent presentation about its plans for the fiscal year ending in March 2023, Sega discussed sonic frontiers before a question regarding a possible delay of the title to improve its bet based on the comments of the players and critics.

“We do not consider postponing the launch at this time,” noted Sega (via VGC). “Within the communication with the users, we intend to reflect the parts that can be reflected within the development timeline and build empathy with the users.”

“The Sonic IP is a core title that we will sell for the long term going forward, and we will continue to build on that as well starting in the next fiscal year,” the company added.

Sega Sammy Senior Executive Vice President Koichi Fukazawa and Executive Vice President Makoto Takahashi were present at that conference. And, according to the VGC report, it was also argued that the company hopes that the film’s performance sonic the hedgehog 2 (which debuted this year and has grossed $401 million worldwide) boost sales of sonic frontiers.

“We have high expectations for Sonic Frontiers, the main title that will be released this winter,” Sega noted. “In the previous movie, Sonic title sales grew and Sonic’s licensing business was also positively affected after the release of the movie. The same effect is expected from the movie this time, which has become a bigger hit than the previous one, and while we aim to expand the scope of Sonic’s intellectual property, we also want to aim on the positive side for the new title.”

sonic frontiers plans to present during this 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC. And in parallel it has already been confirmed that the next hedgehog movie, sonic the hedgehog 3, will arrive in 2024.

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