Sharing documents on WhatsApp will be easier and more descriptive | Technology

WhatsApp is once again testing new features that will make the application easier to use, especially for those who usually share documents within the app. This is the new functionality that we already see in other messaging services.

WhatsApp it is at the top of the evolutionary ladder of messaging applications. People can’t think of a chat without the Meta app coming to mind. Have you a iPhone or a AndroidWe all use WhatsApp. What if, Telegram is great, but still behind in users.

Two months ago, several media outlets broke the news that a new document sharing feature was coming in a future update to WhatsApp Desktop Beta. This function was to attach a caption when sharing a document.

It was then explained that although the screenshot was taken during testing on the WhatsApp Desktop Beta, the developers planned to introduce the same feature in a future WhatsApp beta update for Android Y iPhone.

And this is exactly what happened today: thanks to the new WhatsApp beta update for Android, wabetainfo has discovered that the goal team is working on this feature for a future version of the Android beta app.

This function will help to better organize our WhatsApp chat

Right now it is only possible to add a caption to images, videos and GIFs, without the possibility of attaching it to a document, but as you can see in this screenshot, you will finally be able to share a document with a captionwhich will help the chat make more sense.

thanks to this featurefor instance, users will be able to find your documents quickly if they remember the captionsince it will be possible to search for documents by entering the photo caption in the search text field.

Unfortunately, this feature is under development and details about the release date are unknown at this time. As always, we will inform you when there is news about this function, hopefully it will arrive soon on WhatsApp.

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