She-Hulk angers Marvel fans over Daredevil: “Shame and disappointment”

MADRID, 22 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

The sixth chapter of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk has aroused the outrage of much of the Marvel fandom. And it is that, after the end of the fifth chapter the series created expectations that many followers have not seen satisfied in ‘Just Jen’the 1×06 of the Disney + series.


The aforementioned fifth episode ended with the tailor in charge of manufacturing the superhero costumes, to whom he had gone the protagonist Jennifer Waltersshowing a box containing Daredevil’s new red and gold helmet. This sequence seemed to show that the character played by charlie cox I was going to make an appearance in the series in this sixth chapter… something that has not happened.

And how could it be otherwise, the marvelite fandom has not been slow to show its outrage on Twitter seeing no trace of expected Daredevil by Charlie Cox in the 31 minutes that the sixth episode lasts. “She Hulk ATL [Above The Line] and again Daredevil does not come out! #FFS [For Fucks Sake]”, exclaims a user, who accompanies his text with some angry emoticons. “Not Daredevil = not fun“says another bluntly.

“@Marvel where’s my boy Daredevil? I’m already losing interest in #SheHulk and what do you expect from people if you can’t show what they want. I have waited a whole week only to see embarrassment and disappointment. This is not the Marvel I knew,” says a fan of La Casa de las Ideas. “Daredevil’s followers after another week and another episode waiting to see him“Writes another, attaching a photo of several clowns taking a selfie.

Other people, on the other hand, have been more understanding with the fiction starring Tatiana Walters: “All the babies are already crying because they didn’t see Daredevil (As if there weren’t three more She-Hulk episodes and her own 18-part series in the works.) Note that the hashtag does not say Daredevil“.

People who are angry because Daredevil does not appear in the series they make me very funny. I was excited about him too, but by the end of the episode I was excited about the potential identity of the bad guys and how well they have remembered Daredevil. Honestly, it’s been my favorite episode,” writes a fan.

There are also those who take it with resignation. “Me after seeing that Daredevil did not appear”writes one user, along with a meme featuring Dewey’s character from Malcolm in the Middle wearing a birthday hat and captioned ‘never expected anything from you and yet you manage to let me down.'”

“Marvel Studios knew that many people would leave the series after Daredevil, it is logical that their strategy has changed and most likely Daredevil come out in episode 8 or even 9 which is the end“, a marvelita fan believes convinced.

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