She-Hulk’s costume in the series will be different from the Marvel comics

MADRID, 20 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

Every good superhero or superheroine worth their salt must have their own distinctive crime-fighting and super-villain attire. And it seems that, after five episodes, Jennifer Walters, the protagonist of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulkhe will finally have his, although it will not be identical to the one he wears in marvel comics.


And it is that, as MCU fans will already know, Bruce Banner’s cousin has the same problem as the Hulk when he abandons his human condition and transforms into the emerald-skinned heroine: his clothes are torn to shreds. Thus, the episode 1×05the protagonist of the series embodied by Tatiana Maslany get a date with luke jacobsonan eccentric and successful fashion designer played by Griffin Mathews who specializes in making clothes for superheroes.

Although the couturier is more than happy to design a costume that fits She-Hulk’s needs, Jennifer thinks all she needs is just some outfits that don’t tatter, stretchy fabric clothes that fit when she becomes She-Hulk..

However, when the heroine finally decides to try on her new wardrobe, Luke does too. provides him with a mysterious case with “extra” clothes. And although its content is not shown on the screen at any time, its interior could house the suit that Walters will wear to fight rivals like Jameela Jamil’s Titania or the demolition squad in the Marvel series.

An outfit that could well be the same one that already appeared in the different previews and promotional clips of the series: a short one-piece mesh in black with purple and white details. In that case, She-Hulk would look much less daring and sexualized than her counterpart in the least in its older versions, but without ceasing to be powerful and feminine at the same time and with which it could appear in the following episodes of fiction

Furthermore, given the protagonist’s enthusiastic reaction to trying on the costume for the first time at the end of the she hulk episode 5the series reflects the importance of Jen’s own comfort and autonomy when choosing her appearance without giving up her impressive physique. It is true that, although the costume of the series differed from the original with which he debuted in the comics back in February 1980the truth is that the most recent designs of his clothing have already evolved towards a much less sexualized figure.

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