“She was the bravest woman I have ever known”: the moving letter from the widower of Olivia Newton-John

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At a time when the entire entertainment world is mourning the recent loss of Olivia Newton-John at the age of 73 due to breast cancer against which she had been fighting for 30 years, John Easterling, who was her husband since 2007, has honored her through an emotional letter, accompanied by a photograph of both, which she has published on Instagram. In her text, where he defines the actress as “the bravest woman he has ever known”, he addresses her in the first person: “Olivia, our love for each other transcends our understanding. Every day we express our gratitude for this love that could be so deep, so real, so natural. We never had to ‘work’ on it. We were in awe of this great mystery and he accepted the experience of our love as past, present and forever.”

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John Easterling was a fundamental support for the star of grease and account that she was someone who “genuinely” cared about other people. In his letter, the businessman continues with the tribute: “In the deepest essence of Olivia, she was a healer who used her means of song, of words, of touch. She was the bravest woman I have ever met. Her ability to genuinely care about people, nature, and all creatures almost dwarfs what is humanly possible. It is only the grace of God that has allowed me to share the depth and passion of her being for so long. In her most difficult moments she always had the spirit, the humor and the willpower to bring things to light”.

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in greasein 1978.

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The love that John Easterling felt towards Olivia Newton John was such that, during the last years that they stayed away from the media spotlight, the entrepreneur created a business of therapeutic plants to help her with natural alternatives and explains how even in her absence, the memory of her great love continues to fill her heart: “Even now, as her soul rises, the pain and the holes in my heart heal with the joy of her love. love and the light that shines forward.”

Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling leading the Ivanhoe Center Charity Walk in support of the Cancer and Wellness Center on September 28, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

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