Shevchenko returns the gesture to Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski received from the hands of Shevchenko, Ambassador of Laureus, a captain’s armband in yellow and blue, the colors of the Ukrainian national flag. The gesture took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Some months ago, Lewandowski reached out to the Ukrainian people in public by going out to play for the first time with a Ukrainian flag armband shortly after the Russian aggression began. The gesture was shared by many, but in addition, Poland has shown itself extraordinarily close to the Polish people. Their footballers quickly positioned themselves in the conflict and refused to play against Russia.

Now Schevchenko, very involved in the cause, wanted to thank Lewandowski and the Poles in person for their support. “It’s a symbolic gesture,” Shevchenko said. “Our thanks to Robert and the Poles for everything they do for us. I would like Robert to symbolically wear this bracelet to the World Cup,” said the former Milan player. Something that the now Barcelona player has immediately confirmed. “I will wear the colors of Ukraine to the World Cup. As a player and as a man, I support peace and I think these symbolic gestures are important”, explained the Polish striker.

“I felt that playing with the Ukrainian bracelet, as I did just after the invasion of their country began, would be a clear gesture on my part, showing the world that this war is really happening. Athletes should also talk about it. I would like to thank all Poles for helping Ukraine in various ways. The history of the bracelet is a bit curious. He was playing for Bayern away from home, so I had to improvise one on the fly. I sewed it myself combining the colors before the game”, Lewandowski said.

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