Smashing Pumpkins Release Single, Announce Rock Opera Album

The Smashing Pumpkins has announced this Tuesday a new project: Atum, a rock opera album composed of 33 songs. With the news also comes ‘Beguiled’, the first single from the album.

The new album is described as a sequel to Machina/The Machines of God from 2000, and his 1995 classic, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Atum It is divided into three acts of 11 songs each, and the band will release the album in parts: a new act every 11 weeks. The first release will take place on November 15 this year, followed by the second act on January 31, 2023, and the third on April 21.

As an accompaniment to the album, bandleader Billy Corgan has released a podcast, entitled Thirty-Three with William Patrick Corgan, who drives alongside Joe Galli and Kyle Davis. In each episode of the show, the musician and his co-hosts explore a different song from the album, as well as The Smashing Pumpkins’ history and discography.

The Chicago-born band kicks off a tour next month alongside Jane’s Addiction and Poppy. This collaboration comes months after Corgan played alongside the other band from Perry FarrellPorn for Pyros, at lollapalooza.

You can listen to ‘Beguiled’ below:

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