SNES’s ‘Super Punch-Out!!’ Has a Hidden Multiplayer Mode

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Lately it has become common to know hidden secrets in classic games. Decades after its launch, either by revelation of its own developers or by an always curious community of players, we know relevant details about those titles that captivated us during our childhood or youth. The last case is related to ‌Super Punch Out!!that mythical title that saw the light during nineteen ninety five on the Super Nintendo (SNES).

Believe it or not, 28 years later it was discovered that ‌Super Punch Out!! has a hidden multiplayer mode. The Twitter account @new_cheats_news has been responsible for communicating such a finding to a surprised community. Of course, to activate this mode it is necessary to follow the following steps.

First of all, connect a second controller to the Super Nintendo and, when you are in the character information screen -in the opponent selection menu-, you must perform these actions: the second player requires to press and hold -at the same time- the buttons B. + Y. Immediately after, player one must press A either START. From that moment on, the system will assign control of the opponent (previously controlled by the CPU) to the second player.

One of the most curious points of this trick is that it not only works on the Super Nintendo, also in the version of ‌Super Punch Out!! for nintendo switch —ideal if you don’t have the old hardware—. Recall that the hybrid console offers several classic games through its subscription service, Nintendo Switch Online. Therefore, it is possible to enter the button combination from the Joy-Con and start a fight together with another person.

Super Punch-Out!!

While the popular franchise is no stranger to multiplayer modes —nor to the secrets-, because punch-out for Wii also includes it, it’s a total surprise that the 1995 title already had an approach to combat between two players. Why was it kept hidden? Nintendo, at the moment, has not commented on the matter. However, it is clear that the modality still needs a stage of development so that the second player has the possibility of choosing his own character as in any other fighting game.

Can you imagine having this information in the nineties? Definitely, ‌Super Punch Out!! would have given us even more joy because we could have shared the experience with someone else.

@new_cheats_news also shared another cheat that you might find useful. If on the title screen of ‌Super Punch Out!! you press —at the same time— the buttons Y + Rand then you press A either STARTin the opponent selection menu you can choose any fighter, even those special or originally blocked.

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