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Among the innovations included in the new range iPhone 14 Pro is to have a more advanced always-on screen. This shows additional information, has a more striking design and, in addition, consumes less energy, since among other things it dims the brightness if possible. But, the truth is that consuming something… consumes. If you do not want this function to take anything away from you in terms of autonomy, it is best to disable it.

You may not know how this is done on your OS version iOS 16which is the one uses the iPhone 14 Pro, and we are going to indicate the steps you have to take to do this. Obviously, the operation of the smartphone is not affected at all, and the only thing is that you will not be able to see the information that our tool provides without having to activate the phone. Nothing critical, everything must be said.

How to disable the always active screen on the iPhone 14 Pro

What we are going to indicate is used for the two versions that exist of the Pro range of the new generation of Apple smartphones. The process is completely Handbookso you have to manipulate some sections that are found in the terminal configuration… But, in no case, do you put this or any of the rest of the options that are new and differentials in the best iPhone 14.


This is what you have to do Step by Step (you should not skip any of them):

  • Enter the terminal configuration using the corresponding icon among those that exist in the list of applications that your phone has.
  • Next, you must find the section called screen and brightness, which is one of the first in the list that you see on the screen. Now, you enter a new place which is where you need to disable the always on display.
  • Among the options you will see, there is one called Screen always on (Always On) that has a slider just to the right. Press it so that you get the desired settings on the iPhone 14 Pro that you have. You will see that the color of this element becomes pale gray -leave the green-.
  • You are done and you will see that the function you do not want to use is no longer activated from any of the signatures when using the terminal.

As you would think, if you want to enable the always-on screen again, what you have to do is activate the aforementioned slider, and everything return to default settings that the iPhone 14 Pro have when you take them out of the box. As you can see, nothing to take any risk with the process shown.


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