so you can use it directly from the Apple Watch with all its features

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Yesterday we had good news about WhatsApp: a new update will allow us improve our management of deleted messages. Despite the fact that in recent years the company has gotten its act together and updates the app more frequently, WhatsApp is known for not risk a lot on new features like other platforms like Telegram do.

Of the many requests made to the goal appis being able to use it from practically anywhere: we have the version of whatsapp web and the version of whatsapp for mac (as a native app). However, the version of WhatsApp for Apple Watch is waiting.

in 2020 we still wondered why the company did not launch its own application for apple smart watch. At that time it was suspected that the anti-trust investigation of the Facebook company had something to do with it.

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WhatsApp for Apple Watch, the app that makes it possible

Whatsapp Apple Watch App Applesphere 001

In 2017, a German developer released his own app to be able to use whatsapp on apple watch. To this day, and through more than 60 updates In all these years, this little application is one of the most complete and close to what we all expected from the official app. Using it is as simple as download itscan the QR that will appear in the Apple Watch app from our iPhone and that’s it.

Whatsapp Apple Watch App Applesphere 003

The setting it is done from the clock app itself at any time, and can be used both with the data connection of our iPhone and a connection with eSIM on the clock itself. Almost everything can be customized: from the type of keyboard, the layout, the direct access of the “Answer” button, the size of the text, volume… everything from our wrist.

Whatsapp Apple Watch App Applesphere 002

The screen with chat list It is very similar to the one we have in the application itself, and it shows us essential information such as the name, the type of the last message sent or received, and the time of it. Above, on the left, we will have an “Online” indicator that will show us if our account is connected to the Internet correctly.

It is possible to control WhatsApp completely from our wrist, both to answer in various ways and to view content

The messages within each conversation are read without problems, and best of all is the replication capacity also from the same wrist: we can dictate messages, send audio messages or even write directly on the watch with different types of keyboard (I recommend dictation, it is the fastest option and in my opinion the most appropriate to use the Apple Watch).

Whatsapp Apple Watch App Applesphere 004

The facility to record audio, transcribe from the wrist, use the keyboards and the configuration itself makes the use very comfortable: practically it is faster to read, watch or listen to something on the Apple Watch itself a conversation than in the app itself. Even the videos are playable, images can be zoomed in, it’s possible to start a new chat… practically all the options that we could want to have in the version of WhatsApp on our wrist.

WatchChat will unlock all its features for a price of €4.49 a year, although you can download it for free and use it completely free for 3 days before the subscription starts charging. If you are regular users of WhatsApp, and you want more comfortable access to the app from your wrist, WatchChat is undoubtedly one of the best options.

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