SodaStream changes its image and announces a new repositioning

The new comprehensive rebranding includes a new visual design, new packaging, a new design in all its digital channels and a new tone of voice.

SodaStream has announced a 360° brand repositioning. Continuing with its digital transformation and consumer-centric strategy launched three years ago, the company has taken into account the growing interest of its consumers in the fields of design, innovation, cocktails and user experience. Also, considering that the trend of making your own sparkling water at home continues to grow and that consumers are looking for more accessible premium products, especially in the food and beverage sector, SodaStream has completely redesigned the company symbol, the palette of colors, the web, and has included a new level of products, more premium.

At the center of the new positioning is the brand’s claim: ‘Push for Better’, inspired by the action performed when pressing the button on the SodaStream sparkling water machine. In this way, the slogan comes to life in the new visual identity, leading to a “domino effect” of positive change, inspired by the power of a simple push of a button and the current of change it sets in motion, both for consumers and for the planet.

The new visual language includes a new iconic symbol consisting of two intertwined drops of water arranged in a yin and yang formation, representing balance and harmony, as well as resembling the planet. The design forms the emblematic letter “S”, symbol of SodaStream. True to its commitment to improving the planet, the new color palette draws inspiration from nature. The brand’s primary colors are Fresh Blue, Deep Blue and Sand, referring to the purity and freshness of the water and the shine of the sand.

In addition, SodaStream also reveals Soda Stream Collection, a new level of premium products that represents a higher range of design products. The range offers a high level of user experience through superior innovation, quality and design, and will consist of the new SodaStream sparkling water machines, Art, which will arrive in the Spanish market in the future, and Duo. It will also include future innovations resulting from collaboration with world-renowned designers.

SodaStream’s new visual identity is now present on all of the company’s digital channels, including its websites, social media and additional platforms. And, starting in 2023, the new packaging will gradually reach the 47 world markets in which the company operates.

“Our new strategy and accompanying brand assets are the next chapter in SodaStream’s journey to change the way the world drinks and revolutionize the global beverage industry,” said Eyal Shohat, CEO of the firm, who He adds: “As experts in creating sparkling beverages, we are excited to offer our consumers the perfect sparkling water experience with an enhanced lifestyle. By using SodaStream, our consumers have the opportunity to do something that is better for them and better for the planet.”

SodaStream has collaborated with Pearl Fisher, a creative design and branding agency based in London, to create and implement the brand’s new visual identity, as well as Eitan Cohen, creative advisor to the group. “We are very proud of our partnership with SodaStream. It’s been a great process, from identifying the SodaStream opportunity, to evolving and optimizing key brand assets, to ensuring that every aspect of the new design vision and brand experience activates its pioneering attitude and its change current mentality”, comment Eitan Cohen and David Jenkinson, partners of design and experience of Pearl Fischer. “This is an exciting chapter for Sodastream and we can’t wait to see this bold, impactful and empowering new design hit the shelves.”

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