Solid arguments from Mexico to the Security Council for peace in Ukraine

In his participation in the 9135th meeting of the Council on “Maintenance of peace and security in Ukraine”, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that, seven months after the war in that country, its social, economic and political implications are evident.

He added that the highest cost is paid by civil society. This war has generated massive displacement of people, especially women and children. The registered material damages are serious and onerous.

He recalled that Mexico has insisted on seeking a diplomatic solution and addressing the humanitarian issue of the conflict, without subordinating political considerations, in strict adherence to international humanitarian law.

To this end, he presented the proposal to create a commission headed by the UN Secretary General, the President of India and Pope Francis to achieve a dialogue between the parties and, at the same time, an international truce without conflicts or interventions for five years.

The advance of the war, with its considerable human and material costs, and the increase in humanitarian needs, such as the high cost of fuel, in the face of winter, urgently requires a solution through diplomatic channels, he said.

This requires the political will of the parties and the commitment of the international community, and the need to respect international and humanitarian law, he clarified.

Accountability is also another fundamental pillar of the multilateral system, the rule of law and peace. Therefore, those responsible for the crimes that have been committed must be brought to justice.

He also warned of the dimension of the nuclear risk arising from the clashes around the Zaporozhye nuclear plant in Ukraine.

He recognized elsewhere the value that the signing of the Black Sea Grains Initiative represents, since the FAO shows that prices in the last two months have begun to decrease and asked to extend it to fertilizers.

He specified that since the beginning of the conflict, Mexico’s position has been based on its constitutional principles of foreign policy in accordance with those of the United Nations Charter, such as non-intervention, peaceful settlement of disputes and the prohibition of the threat or the use of force.

He recalled as the purpose of the UN and the mandate of this Council, to prevent people from suffering from the scourges of war.

But this can only be achieved through dialogue, diplomacy and the construction of effective political channels. Indifference is not permissible, and he regretted that the Security Council had not been able to fulfill its essential responsibility in this case.

The reasons why this Council can become dysfunctional are known. Correcting them is up to us. The times are propitious to raise with all seriousness, the structural reforms that are required for it.



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