Solidarity is the essence of the Olympic Games, highlights the head of the IOC

Lausanne, Switzerland, Sep 20 (Prensa Latina) The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, stressed today that solidarity is the essence of the Olympic Games.

The Games can be an example for the world, there is no peace without solidarity, the leader wrote in a message on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.

Bach recalled that the fundamental idea of ​​the jousting under the five rings is to unite the entire world in a peaceful competition, but added that peace is much more than putting differences aside.

It is about creating a better world in which everyone can prosper, in which people are treated equally and in which racism and all forms of discrimination have no place, he said.

In this sense, the director pointed out that it is not enough to respect each other, but that we must go further and support each other.

We have to be united and supportive. There is no peace without solidarity. Solidarity is the essence of the Olympic Games, he wrote.

In this regard, he said that is why the IOC redistributes 90 percent of all its income to support athletes and the development of sport throughout the planet, and highlighted the creation of refugee teams for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 events and Tokyo 2020.

With no national team to belong to, no flag to march behind, no anthem to sing and no home to call their own, we welcomed them with the Olympic flag and anthem, he recalled.

Finally, he expressed that the IOC has built bridges through sport and has opened the door to better understanding, peace and reconciliation in many conflict situations.

The Olympic Games cannot prevent wars or conflicts. They cannot address all the political and social challenges of our world. But they can be an example for a world where everyone respects the same standards and each other, he said.



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