Sonic Frontiers will not delay its launch, according to SEGA

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The project of sonic frontiers It began to cause the concern of the players when the first gameplays were seen. Not everyone is clear that this is the line to follow, or that it is executed in the right way to result in an interesting title, at the height of the franchise it represents. The controversy is served since then, and will continue to remain until the release date… Because, at least for now, SEGA is not in the business of making radical decisions to ensure the success of the title.

SEGA’s peace of mind regarding Sonic Frontiers

Probably many remember how, after the first trailer for the live action movie from Sonic the Hedgehog, everyone threw their hands over the character’s design. The widespread laughter was such that the studio delayed the film’s release and redesigned the blue hedgehog to make it more true to its appearance in the video games. The result was spectacular, and the film was so successful that it is already on its way to a third part. One would hope that, with that precedent, Sonic Frontiers could also Take it easy after the criticism received for the appearance of the gameplays of the title. But SEGA executives have been blunt in their most recent question-and-answer session with shareholders. The vice president of the company, Koichi Fukazawaand Executive Vice President, Makoto TakahashiThey have left no room for doubt.

Koichi Fukazawa, Makoto Takahashi (SEGA): We are not considering postponing the release at this time. Within the communication with the users, we intend to reflect the parts that can be reflected within the development calendar and build empathy with the users. The Sonic IP is a pillar that we will maintain for the long term, and we will continue to strengthen it in the next fiscal year as well.

At least it looks like SEGA execs aren’t doing quite deaf ears to the fans from Sonic Frontiers. The real question will be to see to what extent this user feedback in the final result of the title. Maybe we can see the first results in two weeks, at Gamescom 2022? Time will tell.

And you do you think? Do you think Sonic Frontiers could use a postponement? Or will the time remaining until launch be enough to improve the current state of the title?


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