Sony rejects first-party releases on PlayStation Plus and bets on including them years later in subscriptions

There are two clear trends in the industry, two models that coexist with each other. Bet on the exclusive releases or give it all towards subscriptions. Sony clearly represents the first position, while Microsoft has decided to put all the meat on the grill with Xbox Game Pass.

One of the advantages of Game Pass subscribers is that they receive all Xbox first-party titles from day one, something that Shuhei Yoshida does not believe in. The main person in charge of PlayStation Indies affirms in gamesindustry that “we believe in launching a title premium at launch and after maybe six months, three months or three years, when game sales go down, inclusion in this service, PS Plus Extra, can help introduce these games to new and broader audiences.

The creative takes the opportunity to compare the film industry with that of video games, since “a movie comes out first in the cinema, then you pay to see it, or on a subscription service, or on free TV, generating new income and reaching a broader audience.”

In the same way, if a sequel is in the works or future DLC is planned, Yoshida believes that including games on PlayStation Plus after their arrival serves to further increase the audience it can reach. However, he acknowledges that for Sony this is a field in which they are currently experimenting.

The truth is that the new PlayStation Plus has launched a game directly at its launch, as happened with stray. On the other hand, there are now available works for Extra and Premium level subscribers.

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