SpaceX’s brutal video showing the simultaneous firing of 7 Super Heavy rocket engines

We have seen many SpaceX takeoffs and tests in Spain. We have also seen Elon Musk’s company on many other occasions make history in the field of aerospace engineering and in the new era of space tourism that is coming to us SpaceX does it again, this time performing a static ignition of 7 motors at the same time, according to pick up CNET.

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On September 19, SpaceX performed a power-on test of seven motors at the same time. Engines belonging to the Starship Super Heavy Booster 7 prototype. This test marked a new milestone for the company, as it was the first time that SpaceX tested so many Raptor engines simultaneously.

These tests seek to test the Booster 7 engines, to achieve the first planned orbital flight of the SpaceX Starship. This 50-meter-high spaceship will be launched into orbit using 33 state-of-the-art Raptor engines, using the 70 meter high Super Heavy booster. The Starship itself will feature 6 of these engines.

A spectacular test

The video, uploaded by Elon Musk himself on his Twitter profile, shows the simultaneous ignition of these 7 Raptor engines at the same time. All this without allowing the structure to separate from the surface, as is obvious.

Elon Musk has stated in his profile that the pressure chamber “looked good” on all 7 engines. Before the question of Everyday Astronaut about the ignition of 33 engines at the same time, Musk explains that Booster 7 will return “to the high bay for robustness upgrades, and Booster 8 moves to the pad for the tests”.

The tycoon assures that the “next big test will probably be a wet dress rehearsal of complete phaseand then the ignition of the 33 engines will be in a few weeks”. This phase will consist of the Starship, located on top of the Super Heavy, thus forming the rocket tallest in the world with 120 meters high.

This test breaks the record for engines fired at the same time that SpaceX already set on August 31, when it fired up to 3 Raptor engines. This was the first multi-engine static ignition that the firm made for the Super Heavy. Regarding the Starship, it already performed a multi-engine firing of 2 Raptor engines simultaneously on August 9.

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