Spelunky 2 already has crossplay thanks to its latest patch

Derek Yudesigner of Spelunky 2, has confirmed that crossplay is now available on its platform title thanks to its latest patch. Both Story Mode and Arena Mode can now be played online, both with friends and random players, regardless of whether we have PS4, Xbox One, switch or a pc with Steam.

“With this, I think all of our main goals for online multiplayer have been met, but to be clear, we will continue to monitor social channels for feedback and plan to make further improvements to the Spelunky 2 online experience.” Yu, regarding patch 1.26 which adds these features. “We really appreciate that so many players have stayed with us as we worked on online multiplayer. Believe me when I say that we ourselves are always frustrated when something doesn’t work out as planned or we are forced to delay a release.”

In addition to the constant patches that it has been receiving since its release, such as multiplayer for pc at the end of 2020 (after suffering problems on the Sony console). After its release on PS4 on September 15 of that year, it took another couple of weeks to publish on Steamwith a version for Nintendo Switch that was delayed until August 26 last year, when it came along with the first delivery to the hybrid console.

Via this linkBy the way, you can take a look at the rest of the additions and fixes that come with patch 1.26.

You already know that the game was very popular around here, and proof of this are the two live shows that my colleague Víctor Martínez did a couple of years ago; You can see them uploaded on YouTube from here same. Víctor himself, along with Pep Sànchez, were the ones who opened the twelfth season of the Podcast Reload talking about Spelunky 2, when they commented that this second installment is “it is to improve the water” with respect to the first. If it doesn’t come directly to you at the right minute, they start talking about the game around 1:19:55.

Spelunky 2 is available through PS4, Xbox One, switch Y pc.

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