Spotify launches a function to live concerts in another way

The music platform presented the “Live Events” function in the US, which will allow users to expand and enjoy a wide range of services

The streaming content platform Spotify began testing Spotify Ticketsa project that will put concert tickets on sale to fans and users from the application itself.

Both in its mobile version (for devices with the iOS or Android operating system) and on the PC, Spotify has a section called “Live Events”, that custom locate live eventsbased on the user’s playback habits and location.

In this section, Spotify offers its users the possibility of buying tickets for concerts and shows. As soon as the concert is chosen, it redirects them to third-party platforms such as Ticketmaster.

At the moment, the middle MusicAllyanticipated that Spotify started the first tests of a new tool with a different format than this section. The “app” will process ticket sales directly, instead of acting as an intermediary with other ticket sales platforms.

To this end, the company launched this trial of Spotify Tickets in the United States and it is available both in the app and on the Spotify website. On the following website, will find the tickets of different artists for concerts that will take place in the United States.

This section, for now, offers pre-sale concert tickets for well-known artists such as Annie DiRusso, tokimonsta, you mean, Dirty Honey, limbeck, Crows and Four Years Strong.

Spotify Live Events: the differentials of the new service

In order to access this service, Spotify requires you to have an account and log in to it, as detailed in the “Terms and Conditions” section. After making the purchase, users will receive a confirmation via email.

The platform indicated that the tickets cannot be resold nor are they transferable. Likewise, in the event that the concert is postponed or cancelled, the platform will cooperate with its organizers to carry out the reimbursement of its amount.

In the legal item of Spotify Tickets, the company explained that “it sells tickets on behalf of the organizers of the event, so its price does not depend on it.”

In addition, he specified that he will charge a commission by reservation that will inform the user before processing the purchase.

A company representative explained that Spotify Tickets is in a trial period, according to a TechCrunch publication.

How much does Spotify cost?

To listen to songs without ads, the prices are:

  • Individual: with the taxes it comes out $500 ($280 is the “original” amount)
  • Duo: couples alternative is sold by $700 ($390)
  • Family: the subscription that offers up to six accounts costs $878 ($490)
  • Student: those who attend an educational institution pay $214 ($120)


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