Spotify will sell concert tickets directly from its platform

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Spotify has just entered the ticketing business with the launch of a new website. The platform is called Spotify Tickets and will allow its users to purchase tickets for the concerts of their favorite artists.

According to a statement sent to Billboard, the tool is just a test so initially it offers seven acts: Limbeck, Annie DiRusso, Dirty Honey, Crows, Tokimonsta, Four Year Strong and Osees. The page has two more tabs where you can see the acquired events (between past and next) and recent orders, as well as a third one to access support, although the latter is still under development.

“At Spotify, we constantly put new products to the test to improve our user experience,” the company explained. “Some of them end up paving the way for our extensive user experience and others just serve as important learnings. is our most recent test.”

The release comes after announcement that Spotify made in June about adding features that would make it easier to find artist concert dates within the app itself. The blog post explains that, if it becomes an official feature, it will notify users of local events from their most popular artists.

“This helps lighten the load on fans, reduces the competition artists have to face to stand out, and creates new marketing facilities,” the company said at the time. “We hope to make discovering concerts easier and smoother for fans, letting them know the most relevant shows when they are most interested.”

Being a test, Spotify Tickets is currently only available for events in the United States and it is not yet clear if the function will eventually reach Latin America.

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