Spreen talks about comparisons with Ibai and Auron

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No one can deny that lately Spreen is dominating Twitter in terms of figures. And it is that the Argentine is right now on the crest of the wave, something that has led many to compare him with other giants of the platform such as auron either Ibai.

As they say, comparisons are odious and, in this case, Spreen doesn’t seem to feel very comfortable with them, as he has expressed clearly and concisely in front of his audience.

“I am totally aware that I am not up to the feet of AuronPlay or Ibai or anyone else. I am in mine and now i’m doing fine because I am participating in a series. Obviously it’s not just because of the series, but it’s because of how I play and entertain myself on the series,” he explained.

“Everyone, when they excel at something, it’s because they’re doing something right. I’m excelling now because I’m playing well in a series and I’m entertaining in a series,” Spreen continued.

To settle the issue, the Argentine streamer assured that he is happy with his own growth and “not with surpassing such or being better than such.” “If another streamer is doing better, it will be better for you too”, more clearly she has not been able to leave it.

Be that as it may, it is clear that success will always generate criticism. It is sad, yes, but in most cases it is usually like that. The only important thing is to continue doing things well, something that Spreen seems to have quite a lot in mind.


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