Star Citizen has managed to beat GTA V twice in terms of total budget

we all knew that Star Citizen It was going to be a long-term project, very long in this case. The idea of ​​Cloud Imperium Games from 2012 is nothing like what they have in their hands today, and it is that it is much larger than expected. We are talking about an expanding universe, although it will be limited to a galaxy taking into account the limitations of the hardware, which today we know has framed more than $500 million Americans.

A number that scares and surprises in equal parts. Independent development started in 2012as reflected on the page of Robert Space IndustriesIt started with 2 and a half million of dollars. A supremely spectacular amount for a independent financing and by the gaming community.

Now, according to the latest data update, the game has made $500,112,804. a number that vastly exceeds the budget of GTA V, for instance. This game, one of Rockstar’s magnum opuses, was released almost a decade ago with a budget of “barely” $265 million and a total collection of 6 billion dollars at the beginning of this year.

Even so, it should be noted that we are talking about a total collection that has been invested year after year in the development and advertising of the game. This means that those more than 500 million dollars may no longer be in the coffers of the studio considering the expansion of the game since 2012; though get done 1.5 million of dollars per week is still spectacular.

A total collection that no longer comes from large financing projects, but from the shopping in-game. Many of the ships or packages in the game cost thousands of dollars, while the most basic ones go for “just” a few tens. Little by little, drop by drop, the American team has become one of the highest-grossing games in video game history, if not the highest.

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