Stephen King turns 75, the works that continue to elevate him as king of terror

This September 21, 2022, Stephen King he is seventy-five years old. Encumbered to the throne of the king of terror since in 1973 he published the vengeful ‘Carry’, their stories have inspired more than fifty movies, series, comics, plays, video games and even a musical, as well as topping the best-seller lists time and time again. The American writer is one of the most prolific and torrential. We collect the latest titles and adaptations with whom he has expanded his empire and also, those to come.

Although they do not yet have a publication date, the publisher Plaza & Janés anticipates the next two stories of the American writer. On the one hand we will see the return of Holly Gibney, the character whose first appearance was in ‘Mr Mercedes’ and who, since then, we have seen in ‘Who loses pays’, ‘End of guard’, ‘The visitor’ and ‘The blood sends’. The working title is ‘holly’ and possibly published in 2023. On the other, a kind of sequel to ‘Cujo’, a short novel that he has already written and that he has titled ‘Rattlesnake’ (Rattlesnake).

On the screens, the date of the premiere of the film version of ‘Salem’s Lot Mystery’ by Gary Dauberman; the adaptation of the story ‘The Boogeyman’ (the bogeyman), on Disney+, and ‘The Tommyknockers’direct witness of the most unruly and problematic time of King.


‘Fairy tale’

Plaza & Janes

The latest installment of King arrives in Spanish bookstores this September 22. ‘Fairytale’ brings together two of the most recurrent themes in his novels: the adolescence and fantasy. It narrates the adventure of an unexpected young hero and the battle that he is forced to fight so that, once and for all, good triumphs over evil.


‘Blood rules’

Plaza & Janes

A collection of stories in which he gives prominence to Holly Gibbey (from ‘Mr. Mercedes’, ‘The Visitor’…) and with which he continues to explore recurring obsessions such as ambition, friendship or the limits of evil. It was published in 2020 and Netflix has already published the first images of ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone’, the television adaptation of the first story of the book that includes a next-generation avenging ghost.


‘The Institute’

Plaza & Janes

In his 62nd novel, he tells a story of children with supernatural abilities whom a shadowy organization kidnaps for the purpose of study, then brutally discards when their usefulness has been exhausted. Ruthless and at the same time tender, King admits that ‘The institute’ shares a theme with ‘Item’ (1986). Despite the fact that their respective arguments are different, at the core of both stories there is something that the author confesses that currently worries him more and more, and that is not to create fear, but make it dissipate.


‘Fire Eyes’


At the beginning of the year the new adaptation film of this Stephen King classic. Ryan Kiera Armstrong (Drew Barrymore in the previous one) plays the little girl with pyrotechnic powers that the American author devised in 1980 in the film directed by Keith Thomas and in which Zac Efron and Michael Greyeyes also participate. The evil government agency The Shop seeks to take advantage of Charlie’s extraordinary ability, but the fearsome wrath makes an appearance.


‘The storm of the century’


King has made the ‘Storm of the Century’ miniseries one of his favorites. The Hulu platform has just included it in its programming again, so it becomes an excellent opportunity to revisit this story that the author wrote expressly for the screen and which was later published as a novel.


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