Steve Jobs’ super yacht remains a mystery to this day. And the history of his creation is not for less

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Steve Jobs designed many products throughout his life. Products like the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac are the way they are thanks to the guidelines of the co-founder of Apple and their aesthetics have also reached the company’s products. In terms of design, we know that he was also involved in the Apple Park design, and, much less well known, in a little personal project called Venus.

Venus is the name of the super yacht that Steve Jobs designed together with Philippe Starck, a famous Parisian designer. A yacht about which very little is known, but since it was launched in 2012 and conceived in 2007 we have been learning the details of a most surprising story. One that leaves us before one of the most iconic boats we can see in any port.

Venus, as the Roman divinity of love

It was around the time of the launch of the original iPhone that Steve Jobs decided it was time to have his own yacht. I’ve been toying with the idea for years., not least because he had been vacationing on his friend Larry Ellison’s yacht, founder of Oracle, and thought he should have his own. After reviewing who could help him in this peculiar project, he came up with a name: Philippe Starck. Shortly thereafter he rang the phone at Stark’s offices in Paris, and…this might have been the end of the story.

As Starck himself comments in an interview with VanityFair the secretary who received the call from Steve Jobs simply took note of the message. She didn’t see the need to bother her boss with a call from a certain Jobs. Whether she wrote down the message on a Mac we don’t know, but the irony would be interesting. In any case, Steve Jobs hung up without leaving a contact number..


Looking back, Starck comments “Can you imagine the aura of Steve Jobs in 2007? He was practically God. And her [la secretaria] he didn’t put the call through to me because he didn’t know who he was. We were off to a good start.” The rudeness could have made Steve Jobs find another designer for his project, Stark adds that “for anyone who knows Steve, if he hadn’t called again after such humiliation,” but the designer’s phone went back to sound after a few weeks.

By the hairs he was able to receive the call, as he was preparing to go to Milan and was already with one foot in one of the six vehicles that made up the entourage of him and his team. He was very tight for the flight and being late was not an option. This time, but, who took the call he ran out of the offices yelling “Monsieur Starck! Do you know someone named Mr. Jobs? He wants to talk to you!”.

Steve Jobs Mega Yacht Venus Travel Cruise Ship Boat 4

The call was short, yes. Steve Jobs said directly “Do you want to make me a boat?”. To which Starck replied “Well… yes.” After 15 seconds of conversation Steve Jobs asked “Will you know how to do it?”. And Starck replied “Of course. I have webbed fingers and scales on my back. I am amphibian.”

At their second meeting, Starck arrived with all the sketches in a suitcase more than a square meter in size. After showing them to the head of Apple, there was a pause that Jobs broke by saying “It’s more than I ever imagined”. In the interview, Starck emphasizes how “the most powerful man in the world, known to be the most uncompromising, unable to say bravo, was telling us that this ‘It’s beyond my dreams,’ nothing less.”

From here, the development of the ship took shape until it became that “indefinite object made of aluminum and glass”, very common materials at Apple. With a wildly sleek industrial design, a canopy for the main room much like the roof of Chicago’s premier Apple Store, and few distinguishing features beyond its own aesthetics, the baptized as Venus was launched on October 28, 2012.


Named after the Roman divinity of love, the ship of the man who he was driving his mercedes without a license plate remains a mystery inside. No photos of its interior have been leaked, although, like the ones that appear in this article, we have seen it both docked and sailing on several occasions. With almost 80 meters long, this super yacht is a floating icon.

An icon that, like the ones we have in our hands or from which I am writing to you, has been possible thanks to the vision of Steve Jobs. To which a telephone rudeness did not put an end and which continues to be, to this day, a most interesting mystery.

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