Sturgeon Supermoon: how and when to see this last phenomenon of 2022

When to see the Sturgeon Supermoon

Supermoons only occur three to four times a year and always appear consecutively, details the US space agency. During most of the time that the Earth orbits the Sun, the perigee and the full Moon do not coincide.

In this way, It is a phenomenon rarely visible in the year. Specifically, in 2022, other similar events occurred such as the Strawberry Supermoon in June and the deer supermoon in July.

According to the astronomer, The Sturgeon Supermoon will be the last of the it is the ideal occasion to observe the star.

Starting on August 10 and for three days, the Moon will be full and its luminosity (reflection of sunlight on the Moon’s surface) will increase. The astronomer emphasizes that although there will not be a substantial difference between those three nights, from August 12 to 13 will be the best time of the week to enjoy it.

The Sturgeon Supermoon will be seen throughout the night, both in the northern and southern hemispheres. Though the best time to enjoy it will be at dusk, recommends Carrasco: “The advice is to contemplate the Moon during its rise, so you can compare its size. As it rises in the sky, its size is reduced to a fixed volume, due to an atmospheric optical effect.

According to the expert’s explanation, when the Moon appears in the east, the apparent size is greater than when it is at the zenith (Intersection of the vertical of a place with the celestial sphere, above the observer’s head, according to the RAE ). “As it moves up, the light passing through the atmosphere gets smaller due to a tangential plane effect. When you look toward the horizon, more light passes through the atmosphere.”

For specialists, without a doubt, the Sturgeon Supermoon will be a moment to schedule and not forget. It is that it will be the last phenomenon of these characteristics in 2022 and a good excuse to connect with the cosmos.


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