subscriptions with ads are an excuse to raise (and much) prices

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Some time ago several platforms announced that they planned to introduce sooner rather than later new rates that include advertising for subscribers. At first it might seem like a good idea to get new customers with lower prices, but Disney+ has just confirmed what we feared: they are a excuse to go back up (and a lot) the prices of the normal rates. I guess they keep it that way her or his promise that this new rate is cheaper.

37% more expensive

And it is that Disney + has just announced the launch of a rate with ads in the United States this coming December 8 for the price of 7.99 dollars per month, the same price that the subscription currently has without them. The reason is that this last rate rises from 7.99 to 10.99 dollars per month, an increase of more than 37% from one stroke.

At the moment the change only applies in the United States, but the company already announced some time ago that its launch in Europe will take place at some date yet to be specified in 2023. Surely it is no coincidence that the company has also promised today that it keeps its promise to be profitable by the end of 2024. Come on, what Disney still loses money with this service.

The news has been accompanied by the announcement that Disney + has added 14.4 million customers in the most recent fiscal quarter, thus exceeding growth expectations estimated by 10 million more. In this way it reaches 152 million users worldwide, still somewhat far from the 220 million what’s wrong with it Netflix.

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