Summit 360° Connecting Peru 2022: the ‘boom’ of Datacenter Edge projects

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A new edition of the event specialized in technology, data centers, and infrastructure linked to socioeconomic development and business -SUMMIT 360° Connecting Peru 2022-was held in Lima in person, with the assistance of more than 300 directors and executives from the IT industry and from organizations in the government sector, who shared experiences and exchanged ideas that help them make efficient decisions.

The technology forum, organized by genius, had an excellent group of international speakers. at your conference “Challenges and Opportunities in the era of Digital Transformation” taught by Gabriel VillarrealLatam Channel Leader in nVent HOFFMANhighlighted that ’emerging technologies are affecting life as we know it, marking the beginning of an era with new forms of digitization’.

Jack Pozo, Facilities Product Sales Responsible at Huawei Digital Power; Sandra Castillo, Channel Manager at Huawei Technologies; and Jaime Marcos, DataCenter at EsSalud.

Michael SpadaSouth Latam Sales Manager at MTU To Rolls-Roycereferred to the importance that power quality has and must be taken into account in the design and construction of data centers.


For its part, Federico VillegasSystemEngineer at CommScopein his presentation emphasized the factors that direct the evolution of the Data Center network, its infrastructure and the development of fiber optics.

Later, in the presentation of Jack WellFacilitiesProduct Sales Responsible in HuaweiDigital Powerelaborated on the issues related to the integration of digital power electronics technologies, to promote the energy revolution towards a more ecological future.

The promising future

Marco DufauCommercial Director for Latin America of geniusin exclusive dialogue with PRESS TI Latin America revealed the plans and objectives that the company has for the future.

He highlighted: ‘We are in a new stage of technology development, with the opening of offices in the region, but maintaining a southern region from Colombia to Argentina, led by Juan Carlos Londonerdirector of Presales’.

He added: ‘Once the pandemic passed, the projects have been reactivated. In February of this year, the new office in Chile was opened, which was scheduled for mid-2020. In addition, the opening of genius Mexicoa much broader and more complicated market that requires special effort and synergies, but it is estimated that it will be carried out in 2023′.

Regarding Peru, he said that it is one of the countries in which he has trusted the most genius, working for eight years very actively implementing projects in almost all verticals. He specified that Dataventer projects have been executed in banks, telcos and the government sector, and for approximately six months, they have been working with all ‘hyperscale’ and ‘colocation’ developers. who are going to disembark in Peru.

According to experts, a data center is considered “hyperscale” when it has more than five thousand servers or more than one thousand square meters of area and has an architecture that allows the scaling of applications without limits, disaggregated infrastructure and greater density.

For its part, Juan Carlos LondonoLATAM Pre-Sales Director in geniusalso intervened noting that ‘according to estimates, in the next five years Peru is going to constitute a ‘boom’ in the area of ​​infrastructure, this, based on calls from foreign clients and suppliers regarding the projects that would be looking to acquire various lands and execute hyperscale’.

Gastón Aragón, VP Sales America, and Miguel Spada, Sales Manager, both at MTU Rolls-Royce; Israel Piedrigossi, advisor, and Jesús Izaguirre, manager, both at Detroit Power Peru.

He specified that the company is 100% focused on the development of engineering and consulting services, but there are projects to diversify by entering to provide non-traditional services.

Finally, Dufau revealed: ‘Since genius, there is an analysis of important capital investments, because a very large wave of infrastructure projects is perceived throughout South America. Internally, a project is being reviewed to make investments in the region aiming at developing edge datacenter projects. To do this, the challenges of going to market, cost control and latency must be evaluated, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI), the edge of the network, along with solutions in the integration for the development of the Smart Cities and intelligent buildings’.

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