Swedish platform Spotify adds thousands of audiobooks to its catalog

Stockholm, Sep 20 (Prensa Latina) Today, more than 300,000 titles make up the catalog of audiobooks offered by the Swedish multimedia content platform Spotify, after its official incorporation into this growing international publishing market.

The strategy is consistent with the growth in demand for this format during confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the actions implemented by the company since last year to diversify its services, improve listening and add users.

In this sense, the narration project of international texts in the voices of recognized Hollywood figures such as actress Hilary Swank, comedian Forest Whitaker, youtuber David Dobrik, British interpreter Cynthia Erivo and actor Daniel Radcliffe stands out.

For these first releases, the titles Elawakening, by the American writer Kate Chopi, were selected; the autobiography The Life of Frederick Douglass, American Slave; Frankenstein, by the British author Mary Shelley and Persuasion, by her compatriot Jane Austen.

Available to users in the United States as a section in the users’ library within its main application, the audiobooks increase the proposals of the platform that offers streaming, music and podcast services, reports the official Spotify website. Enabled with “offline” download options, bookmarks to resume listening at any point, the ability to rate and comment, the project unlocks “a whole new segment of potential listeners,” the document notes.

In this way, Spotify not only joins a currently popular trend but also brings together the traditions of oral narration nuanced with new technologies, as it heads the list of main promoters of audiobooks from sound reproduction platforms.

A report by the Bookwire label indicates that the global income of publishers obtained from the sale of electronic books on digital platforms increased by 112 percent in 2020, while audiobooks in Spanish generated some 10 million euros.



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