Taylor Swift Receives Artist/Songwriter Of The Decade Award

Sixteen years after the release of her debut album, Taylor Swift has received the Artist/Songwriter of the Decade award from the Nashville International Songwriters Association.

In her acceptance speech, which lasted 13 minutes, the singer talked about what it means to be a songwriter, the process of re-recording her first six albums and the classification that she has for each of her songwriting styles. She baptized the first of them as ‘Quill’, where songs like ‘ivy‘ where you use more “old-fashioned” phrases and words; the second is ‘Fountain Pen’, letters like ‘All Too Well‘ that tell modern stories, but at the same time are poetic; and the last one is ‘Glitter Pen’, which is instantiated with ‘shake it off‘ and refers to those letters that are more “frivolous”, relaxed and fun.

The singer explained how she came to dust off songs she had written in her teens but hadn’t made the cut on her first LPs. Such compositions were included in their albums Fearless (TaylorsVersion) Y Net (taylorsVersion)released last year, where you can find the original 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well‘.

“I never would have imagined that when I wrote it, it would resurface 10 years later,” he said before performing it during the ceremony. “But a song can defy logic or time. A good song transports you to your purest feelings and translates them for you. A good song stays with you even when people or feelings don’t anymore.”

After receiving the award, Swift used her TikTok account to host a section called Midnights Mayhem With Mewhere it will gradually reveal the track list of his next record work with the help of a ballotera. In the first episode, she announced that ‘Mastermind‘ is track number 13.

In August, the artist took advantage of her presence at the Video Music Awards to announce that his new album, MidnightsIt will arrive on October 21.

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