Tech corporations thrive on social division. They win and we lose

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Mobile phones make us feel more isolated. The dopamine provided by notifications it makes us addicted. It is paradoxical that while there is so much talk about ‘Connection‘, global society feels more and more divided. The council says that one in three young people feel only in Barcelona. If that is the number that is presented as officialmultiply it by two and you will have the real figure.

We call ‘connect’ to WhatsApp. But that technological tool does not provide us with a connection satisfactory. Technology cannot solve the problem of loneliness. In fact, technology spreads isolation. Instead of talking to others Humans face to face or at least on the phone, we are immersed in the fantastic world of the screen.

Meanwhile, the big corporations are making a fortune. Who has made the most money during the pandemic? Amazon, Netflix, Pornhub, WhatsApp… Tech corporations thrive on the social division. And who has lost? Our mental health. We have bought the deception of the online connection. And now there is more disconnection, distrust and spiritual poverty.

How to feel less lonely? There’s a documentary film on Netflix (forgive the irony) which is titled ‘The Social Dilemma’. Seeing it several times helps to be more aware of the reality. I think having one discipline with mobile use is important. The documentary reveals that we are addicts and we need a truce.


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