Telegram begins to limit options only for Premium users

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A new version of Telegram is now available and although we do not know if it is that “revolutionary” update To which Pavel Durvol, CEO of Telegram, referred in his complaint against Apple’s monopolistic attitude, the truth is… The truth is that it doesn’t seem like it.

In other words: Apple’s attitude is as unpresentable as ever, but if the mentioned revolutionary update is the one that has finally reached the App Store today, turn off and let’s go. And it is that Telegram has, perhaps misused us, to receive news that are generally powerful and, above all, useful, but this download is quite sparing in improvements of interest and those that it brings are restricted for paying users.

Namely, the new version of Telegram, both for the desktop and mobile application, focuses very much on adding lots of new animated emojivery cool all of them, redesign the panel stickers on iOS web-style, introduce interactive custom emoji, etc. news all these curious, but of little depth: Telegram is not exactly in need of this type of thing.

On the contrary, the most interesting novelty of this update is that of being able to choose who can send or forward voice messages, being able to add exceptions for individual users or groups of users… but is only available to users of Telegram Premium. And this, sadly, is the trend of the last two updates of the application.


In other words, we knew that Telegram Premium users were going to have their advantages, obviously, mainly by doubling the capabilities of regular accounts. As we knew that a service like Telegram cannot be kept off the air indefinitely, much less when it proclaims from the rooftops that you have all the free space you want in the cloud and for free.

Thus, it was to be expected that those who pay have a consideration that is worth it. from there to cover privacy options As is the case, however, there is a stretch that Telegram has taken very little to cross, and although it is a minor option, it should be noted because it could well be the beginning of a drift that was not expected. Although I may be wrong.

To all this, the latest novelty of this version of Telegram is… the possibility of giving “a prepaid Premium subscription to any user from their profile page”, to choose “between 3, 6 or 12 months, at a price reduced”. So am I, but this Premium promotion sounds compelling. Too. We will have to see how the matter develops.

Meanwhile, if you are a user of the application, remember that you can follow everything we publish from the MC channel on Telegram.

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