Teleworking and new organizational models revolutionize KPIs in the field of HR – ORH

Do you remember a time of increased pressure on HR professionals? On the one hand, they face a constant change in labor regulations, types of contracts, contributions, etc.; on the other, the management of the new work frameworks of remote work, hybrid work…; in parallel, the management of health and the risks derived from the pandemic and its impact on other issues such as the mental health of employees; and as a backdrop, the challenge of attracting talent that is increasingly difficult to find and retaining the one that adds value to the organization, properly managing diversity in all its aspects, conciliation and equality. How to be efficient on all these fronts? What is the best way to convince senior management? To what extent do HR departments have management tools that allow them to validate their work before the management committees?

Telecommuting has changed the way KPIs are measured and has incorporated new indicators into people management.” Marisa Cruzado, partner of CVA.

Productivity, unwanted turnover, absenteeism, success rates in talent selection processes, level of engagement… They are all KPIs with which the HR department usually works to determine the status and evolution of the corporate culture. However, in recent years and with the generalization of teleworking, companies are faced with the need to establish new indicators that allow reformulating the efficiency of traditional ones as well as establishing new connections between the different processes of managing people with the business. to identify other impact measurement mechanisms.

The great challenge that companies face is to include, in addition to generic and transversal KPIs, others that are specific to their sector of activity and/or that respond to the specific needs of each workforce. Within the latter, there is a special interest in gauging how remote and hybrid work models are affecting various variables such as commitment, collaboration, productivity and efficiency. The content of the webinar organized by ORH and CVA on “The impact of flexibility measures on Human Resources KPIs” revolved around this debate, within the framework of the Madrid Flexible Company Awards. These awards, which celebrate their 18th Edition this year, are an initiative of the DG for Equality of the Community of Madrid and are sponsored by Rentokil Initial and the collaboration of CEIM, ESADE, the CSR channel of Europa Press and Business Insider .

The session was attended by Patricia Notario, Director of Employee Satisfaction at Intelcia; Alfredo Jacobo, Head of Talent and Training at ING; Susana Pedrero, corporate director of People and Organization at Aenor, and Nuria Avilla, director of IT HR at IN2.

You can access the full video of the webinar on our YouTube channel:

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