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The robots that work in the Tesla gigafactory in Nevada do so to the rhythm of the music of . Actor Kal Penn encountered this surprise during his visit.

I’m in the Tesla gigafactory and there are robots with the music of Super Mario Bros”, indicated the actor in a TikTok video. These helpers receive and deliver materials from one place to another with the characteristic song of one of the most popular video games.

Penn is known for being a part of series like ‘House’ and ‘How I met your mother’, as well as being a member of the White House during the Barack Obama administration.

These robots are a kind of cart that carries instruments from side to side. That is, they carry the materials so that the workers have them. They are autonomous, so they do not need a driver to get around the factory.

Music is the main theme of Super Mario Bros.the classic Super Nintendo video game from 1985. This was composed by Koji Kondo and is the most popular song in the franchise, thanks to its characteristic tone.

Tesla is Elon Musk’s autonomous and electric vehicle manufacturing company. The company is one of the largest in the world, which leads the sale of electric cars. In addition, it also creates batteries, as well as solar panels and roofs. This one focuses on using clean energy in its devices.


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