The always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro can be black and white. This is the setting to get it

One of the biggest novelties of the iPhone 14 It is the always-on screen that comes to the Pro models. An always-on screen that keeps part of the colors and wallpaper that we have configured. There is, however, a setting for get an absolute white on black effect on the lock screen. Let’s see what it is.

A black and white screen, with nothing else

When it comes to aesthetics, everyone has their preferences. While many prefer an always-on screen that, when turned off, shows part of the wallpaper and other information from our iPhone, others prefer a pure white on black. A white on black looks especially good on an OLED screen like the one we find on the iPhones 14.

Normal off screen on the left and black and white on the right.

turns out there is a setting for it. One not very visible to the naked eye, but that we can easily find and activate. The steps are the following:

  1. We open the app Settings on our iPhone.
  2. We came in Concentration modes.
  3. We enter the mode of concentration that interests us.
  4. we touch on Options.
  5. We activate dim the locked screen.

Clever. We will see that once we have the concentration mode active, it can be Do Not Disturb, for example, the locked screen of our iPhone 14 Pro is completely black, without wallpaper, with only the time and some information in white. An aesthetic that we may prefer.

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