the amazing action movie stays out of the Oscars after being ruled out by India

There are still several months to celebrate the next oscars, but that does not mean that many countries are choosing their candidate for the category of best international film. Spain he decanted a few days ago for ‘Alcarràs’ and now it has been India that has given the surprise by choosing ‘The last movie’ above ‘RRR’who was one of the candidates.

Directed by nalin bread‘The Last Movie’ has been compared quite a bit with ‘Cinema Paradiso’, also receiving very positive reviews, so it should not be ruled out that it ends up among the contenders for the precious golden statuette. Against her is that the Indian representative has only been nominated three times and the last time was more than 20 years ago.

Obviously, the ideal option in these cases seems to be choosing the best film, but that is not necessarily the criteria by which these awards are governed. Here it matters more that they know you and have a winning narrative. That was one of the great strengths of ‘RRR’, a film that has enjoyed a lot of echo thanks to its arrival on Netflix in many countries -although in Spain initially it almost seemed like they wanted to hide it

Unfortunately, ‘RRR0 is no longer going to be able to win the Oscar for best international film, which does not mean that it cannot be a contender in other categories and even win an award. For example, I still remember that the Spanish Film Academy chose at the time ‘Mondays in the sun’ above ‘Talk to her’ so that then the tape Fernando Leon de Aranoa was ignored, while Pedro Almodovar It won the award for best original screenplay, and was also nominated for the award for best direction.

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