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Wednesday night was a sad day for Atletico Mineiro. After a dream 2021 where they won the Mineiraothe Brazilian and the brazil cupthis year they hoped to take the big leap and obtain the Libertadores Cup.

The year 2022, in fact, began with two titles (again a state one and the Brazilian Super Cup), but the great illusion finished collapsing in the Allianz Parque once murillo sealed the penalty shootout so that palm trees won 6-5.

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elimination in the quarterfinals of the Liberators 2022 It was a hard blow for the coaching staff and players of the ‘Gallic’but even more so for one: Hulk. The reasons? The striker had two immediate dreams, win the Cup and be able to fight for a place in the 2022 World Cup.

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa (his original name) hoped to convince Tite to get to qatar with a good performance in international competitions as an argument, because in the final phases it has cost him to be as decisive as in the local field. Anyway, it can’t be.

Hulk’s frustration was so great that it was felt in the dressing room. as he knew ACEthe experienced player gave all the support to Rubens (the only player who didn’t convert his penalty), but he was tough on the others. Not in particular with any, but in general. The Paraiba soccer player argued that the team was not hungry for victory, that they lacked hierarchy and slipped that perhaps some soccer players felt intimidated by the atmosphere in the São Paulo stadium.

Yes ok Hulk never referred to cuckoothe coach, some players on the squad do agree that he lacked the audacity to go in search of the game when palm trees I was with 10 players and they also did not understand that everything was practically the same when the numerical advantage was two men from the 81st minute.

Now we will have to see what happens with the Hulkwho is still obsessed with getting the Liberatorsone of the reasons why he left Europe to return to South America. Will Atlético be able to reinvent itself for the 2023 season?

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