The audio architect who seeks to push the boundaries of guitar and electronic music

Rachika Nayar defines herself as a composer, producer and audio architect. Established in the New York neighborhood of Brooklyn, the artist uses her electric guitar as the main tool to create layers of sound in real time, mix them and come together in an enveloping sound.

On his 2021 debut album, Our Hands Against the Dusk, Nayar mutated his instrument into something unrecognizable by combining the contorted textures of the guitar with brilliant synths, orchestral strings and keyboards. Her first release worked as an effective and honest cover letter, positioning her as a promise within the emerging American scene.

Shortly after, the EP that accompanied the album, fragments, showcased the kind of raw guitar playing that would transfigure into those larger compositions, miniature genre sketches that touched on everything from post-rock to Midwestern emo. With these two 2021 releases, Rachika re-sculpted the boundaries of guitar and electronic music and placed it at the forefront of various contemporary New York City music scenes. and, more broadly, among people like Claire Rousay, Tim Hecker or Julianna Barwick.

Currently the artist is presenting Heaven Come Crashing, his second studio album which maintains his style of powerful guitars, but expands the color palette focusing on festive cadences and cinematographic environments. The recent album traces a luminescent space between the sprawling parties and late night rides as its cover art anticipates.

Watch the video of “Heaven Come Crashing” below and listen to the album on streaming platforms (bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, tide):

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