The best contents of the week in MC (CCCXXVIII)

We close the news of the week with the usual summary that we publish on Sunday where we include the best content that we have been offering you for the last seven days.

Intel Arc Alchemist: everything you need to know about the new graphics. The launch of the new dedicated graphics cards should happen sometime this year and thanks to numerous leaks and information from Intel itself we have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect.

Requirements to install Windows 11 22H2

Does your PC meet the requirements to install Windows 11 22H2? Microsoft’s new operating system is on the exit ramp. It will be the final, stable version of what is considered the first major system update and will be delivered free of charge to update computers that have a valid Windows 11 license.

Last week of back-to-school deals. Hurry, they’re over! The PcComponentes back-to-school sales campaign is still active and will continue until September 18. It offers a 45% discount on a wide selection of its catalog, interest-free financing, free shipping and returns, and more.

Nothing Phone (1), analysis: and nothing else. When we analyze a new smartphone there is never much to say about the design, especially when the news is already assimilated, but the Nothing Phone wants to reverse the situation. In this analysis we will tell you if he succeeds.

Five things a good gaming monitor should have

Five things a good gaming monitor should have. The success of gaming monitors is easy to explain, and to understand. Today their prices have dropped a lot, and functions and features that were previously exclusive to the most expensive models have been extended to cheaper models.

How to turn a smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

How to use a smartphone to connect other devices to the Internet. The possibilities of modern smartphones are enormous. Authentic miniature computers, they stand out for their versatility and a good way to take advantage of them is by turning them into a Wi-Fi access point and thereby providing Internet to other devices.

iOS 16

Apple launches iOS 16: compatible terminals, news and how to install it, Apple has published the final version of its new mobile operating system. This version comes with interesting news and represents, as we told you at the time, the end of the life cycle of the iPhone 6s-6s Plus and the iPhone 7-iPhone 7s.

2022 Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards 2022: winners and nominees (and where to watch them). Known as “the Oscars of the series” they are the annual awards for excellence in the American television industry and are a good showcase to promote certain programs that have triumphed among critics in the country.

Cult of the Lamb Review: Satanic Cults and Lovable Creatures. The lamb has been one of the main dishes in video games this summer. Specifically this one we see here, the adorable protagonist of Cult of the Lamb. We have had the opportunity to test it on PC and it has turned out that setting up a cult of little animals is as fun as it sounds.

How to disable the webcam to improve privacy

Improve your privacy by disabling the webcam when you’re not using it. Web cameras are peripherals specialized in video and audio communication over the Internet and have shown great utility in the COVID pandemic. But they have a problem that should be known. And it is that espionage through the webcam is not a myth.

hp instant ink cover

Print your back to school for less than a euro with HP Instant Ink. The HP Instant Ink service has marked a revolution in the world of ink-based printing because it is convenient, sustainable, does not entail any type of commitment, it is very economical and will allow you to save up to 70% on ink.

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In addition to the previous selection, the week has gone a long way and we can highlight a few other articles that we think you will like:

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If MC is the consumer portal, surely you know that our mother house TPNET offers other websites dedicated to companies, professionals, SMEs and channels, in addition to those specialized in security and Linux. We leave you with a selection of the best published content that may be of interest to you.

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